Institutional Review

A. Proposals

Until RAMSeS becomes operational, the PI/PD will provide the following documents via email to OSSP for review:

  1. Scope of Work
  2. Budget
  3. Budget Justification
  4. Other Materials (i.e., institutional commitment letters, coversheets, program certifications, etc.)  

Ideally, we would like to have these materials five days prior to the agency's submission deadline. This is especally important for packets requiring electronic submission or institutional endorsement.

B. Contracts/Agreements

Routing sub-awards/contracts is a bit different than traditional proposals with the exception that materials will still be emailed to OSSP. When dealing with sub-award contracts/agreements, the PI/PD will:

Pre-Award (BEFORE SENDING anything to the Contracting Agency)

  1. Provide OSSP with a copy of the scope of work, budget, and budget justification PRIOR to submitting the documents to the contracting agnecy. 
  2. Disclose any guarantees PI/PD made to contracting agency.
  3. Await OSSP review of documents before submitting them to the contracting agency.
  4. Adopt recommendations (unless prohibited by primary funding agnecy).

Just as with a formal proposal, we request a review period of three days before submission to the sponsor. This process is less extensive as the contract/agreement will be subject to the full administrative review.

Post-Award (Contract Cut for UNC Asheville to Perform Work)

  1. Provide OSSP with a copy of the full contract (includes pre-approved scope of work, budget and budget justification).
  2. Disclose any guarantees PI/PD made to the contracting agency.
  3. Await OSSP routing of contract to institutional representatives for approval. 

Note 1: The University makes no representations to the sponsoring entity not documented in the original agreement. Administrators may require proposals submitted without an institutional endorsement to be withdrawn, changed or reassigned. 

Note 2: All contracts/agreements must receive a review by legal counsel before being endorsed. This process may take up to five days.