UNC Asheville encourages relationships with external entities and has participated in a wide variety of agreements serving purposes ranging from basic and applied research, evaluation, training, and demonstrations to public service partnerships. By adopting a policy of collaboration, the university is able to enrich the educational experience of students while promoting economic development. The Office of Sponsored Scholarship and Programs helps to facilitate partnerships borne out of externally sponsored projects while insuring compliance with laws and regulations.

As agreements are legal engagements, it is important to understand that they must comply with university practices and appropriate laws. When generating an agreement, our office maintains several templates that have been approved by the university and comply with North Carolina laws. If a sponsor wishes to engage in a contractual relationship with the university, it is recommended that you seek the assistance of OSSP personnel. This is especially important as the Administration expects certain language in our agreements to preserve the rights of the University while preserving the sovereignty of North Carolina.

When receiving a contract or agreement from an external entity, our office conducts a review of the content. If this is a new agreement awarded without a proposal, we request that you route it as you would do if this was a proposal. During this routing process, our office will review the contract for unacceptable language. If this agreement comes out of a proposal, then our office will review it before requesting an institutional signature of commitment. In both circumstances, OSSP will work closely with the university General Counsel to insure the agreement meets legal compliance.

Contracts and agreements can sometimes be a bit daunting. Our office is here to assist you in navigating through the world of agreement development and management. Feel free to contact us when faced with a sponsored program contractual engagement.

Post Award Administration

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